Veronica Buna

“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”

– Unknown


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Veronica is committed to respect, integrity and confidence. She has the gifts of encouragement and hospitality; which allows her to lovingly hold space for people’s growth and openly welcome new people into the community.

Veronica is a Heart Virtue expert and trainer. She has begun to facilitate the “Unlock Your Heart Virtue” workshop with adults and teens. Veronica has also taken on the role of teaching others to be Heart Virtue Experts.

She has been involved with leadership programs since she was 11 years old and currently works for Dynamix Adventures in Montreal; a team and leadership building company. She also works for Peak Potentials Training as a key part of their on-site logistics team and assistant trainer.

Veronica graduated from Concordia University in 2007 with a BA Specialization in Communication Studies.

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